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Our Mission & History


Our mission at Tampa Bay Ballet is to provide the highest standard of dance instruction and professional performing experience for students of all ages. Tampa Bay Ballet believes that a solid foundation in ballet is key to any dancer's success. The primary focus of the school is a structured ballet curriculum. We do offer classes in other disciplines, but techniques that will ultimately improve their ballet technique and performance quality.

Tampa Bay Ballet was founded in 2008 by Director, Lindsay Clark. Lindsay opened the ballet school based on a dream of providing talented dancers a place to perfect classical ballet technique and grow into a professional ballet company. Once dancers hit the age of 18, their dancing career either requires them to move, or quit all-together. Disgusted by the idea of talented dancers going to waste, Lindsay opened Tampa Bay Ballet, and in 2012 founded the professional ballet company, Tampa Ballet Theatre, which was named the in-house resident ballet company of Ruth Eckerd Hall in May 2015.

Today, Tampa Bay Ballet believes in providing the dancers of the Tampa Bay Area the highest level of quality dance training to help prepare them for a professional career. As the school and professional company continue to grow, Tampa Bay Ballet will be able to offer more opportunities to our students and provide a strong technical platform for them to expand from.