2019-2020 Session

Our academic season runs August 19th, 2019 through May 29th, 2020

Please e-mail to schedule a meeting to register.

Tuition Rates

45 Minute Class                    $48 per Month

1 Hour Class                         $60 per Month

1 Hour 15 Minute Class       $72 per Month

1 Hour 30 Minute Class       $80 per Month

Unlimited                              $300 per Month

Discounts and Scholarships

**Discounts are available for Multiple Class Enrollment (starting at 3 classes) and Sibling Discount***


Adult Class Cards

Class punch cards are only available to students ages 18+. The class cards expire a year after the date purchased, so you have plenty of time to use all of your classes up.

10 Classes                             $170

15 Classes                             $255

20 Classes                             $325

How To Register

1. Read Through Policies and Procedures

2. Call (72) 286-6757 or E-mail to Schedule a Placement Class

3. Take A Placement Class and Pay Placement Class Fee

4. Find Class On Schedule based on Placement.

5. Complete Registration Form, Auto Pay Form, and Liability Form

6. Pay Registration Fee, First and Last Month Tuition

7. Come to your Classes!

Placement Requirement

For new students, attending a placement class prior to registration is required for Ballet I and higher. Admission to the class will be granted by a TBB instructor's approval. If a ballet leotard/tights/slippers are not owned it is acceptable to wear a tshirt, leggings/yoga pants, and socks to a placement class.  Even if a placement class is not required, it is strongly recommended to still take a placement class. This is so the student makes sure that they will enjoy the class and are properly placed into the correct level.

Class Placement

Students will attend a placement class before registration. This gives our instructors a chance to evaluate students and place them based on individual ability.  Placement class costs between $12-$20, based on how long the placement class is (See below).  Call (727) 286-6757 or e-mail to schedule your placement class.

45 Minute Class                     $12.00

1 Hour Class                          $15.00

1 Hour 15 Minute Class        $18.00

1 Hour 30 Minute Class        $20.00

Registration Fee

The annual registration fee is $35 per student and is capped at $60 per immediate family living within the same primary household.

Payment Policy

Tuition is due monthly.  The first and last month are due upon registration. Student/Parent must register for the monthly automatic payment program wherein tuition for the upcoming month will be automatically charged to a credit/debit card on the 15thof each month. If the credit card or bank draft is declined for any reason a $15 late fee will be assessed. Tuition is not prorated or refunded for any months. Tuition cannot be transferred to another student/family member.

Refund Policy

TBB does not give any refunds for any reason,  By the discretion of a TBB office administrator, a store credit may be applied to your account.  A TBB office administrator has the right to determine if you are eligible for store credit or not.  If a credit is applied to account, it cannot be transferred to another account.

Withdrawal Policy

To withdrawal from a TBB class(es), a withdrawal form (supplied by the TBB Office) must be completed by a parent and turned into a TBB office administrator by the 10th of the month to terminate future tuition obligations.  There are no refunds for monies already paid.  Unused classes or make-up classes are forfeited upon withdrawal.

Attendance & Make-Up Policy

Students will attend classes regularly and refrain from excessive absences. If the studio is closed (dates listed above) no make-up classes will be given. If a class is cancelled or a student cannot make it to a class they are registered for they may have a make-up class. A student can make up in any class that is within their approved level. You must notify the TBB office in advance for approval.  Should a student become injury, they are strongly encouraged to still come to class and observe.  You may take a make-up class prior to the date you will be missing. Make-up classes must be redeemed by May 29th, 2020 or they will be forfeited.


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