Virtual Classes and Private Lessons in Ballet, Pointe, Modern,

Pilates and Stretch/Yoga for children and adults.



June 1st through June 27th 

July 6th through August 1st


Weekly Tuition Packages

Advanced Students (B III, IV, Trainee and Summer Intensive) 9 hours/week  

$115/week or Unlimited Summer $805


B I & B II - 2.25 hours 3 classes/week  

$23/week or Unlimited Summer $161


Weekly tuition packages above include the Multiple Class Discount - 15% off total tuition of 3 or more classes/week.  Select your attending weeks in advance and make one summer payment for additional savings, or arrange for weekly payment plan. Unlimited Summer includes all June and July classes. Private Lesson not included. 


Creative Movement, Beginner Ballet, and Adult Classes are per Clsss


Adult Ballet, Pilates, Creative Movement, Beginner Ballet, B I, B II, B III, B IV (or any combined level)


All classes are available per class


Per Class Rates

$15/class 1 hour

$12/class 45 minutes


Private and Duet Lessons in studio and on Zoom (by appointment only)

Private Lessons

$45/45 minutes (in studio)  (Specific Times Listed Below)

$50/hour on Zoom


Duet Lesson

$25/person for 45 minutes (in studio)

$30//person for hour on Zoom


June/July 2020 

Class Schedule

E-mail info.tampabayballet@gmail.com

to Register or Inquire about Privates



Ballet III/IV/T Zoom 10:00-11:00am KK

Pilates III/IV/T Zoom 11:15-12:00pm KK


Private Lessons Studio 12:00-4:00pm LC


Ballet I Zoom 5:00-5:45pm HM

Ballet II Zoom 6:00-6:45pm HM

Adult Ballet Zoom 7:00-8:00pm HM



Ballet I Zoom 4:15-5:00pm KK

Ballet III Zoom 5:30-6:30 KK

Creative Movement Zoom 5:30-6:00 LC  

Ballet IV/T Zoom 6:15-7:15pm LC



Ballet III/IV/T Zoom 10:00-11:00am LC

Stretch/Yoga Zoom 11:15am-12:00pm LC


Private Lessons Studio 12:00-4:00 KK

Private Lessons Zoom 1:00-4:00pm LC


Ballet II Zoom 5:30-6:15 LC

Pilates OPEN teen/adult Zoom 6:30-7:15 KK



Ballet IV/T Zoom 10:00-11:00am KK

Pointe IV/T Zoom 11:15am-12:00pm KK


Private Lessons Studio 12:00-4:00pm LC

Private Lessons Zoom 12:30-4:00pm HM/KK


Beginner Ballet Zoom 4:15-5:00pm KK

Ballet III Zoom 6:00-7:00pm KK



Ballet III/IV/T Zoom 10:00-11:00am LC

Pointe IV/T Zoom 11:15am-12:00pm LC


Private Lessons Studio 12:00-4:00pm HM/KK

Private Lessons Zoom 12:30-3:00pm LC



Ballet I/II Zoom 10:15-11:00am HM

Ballet III/IV/T Zoom 11:15am-12:15pm LC 

Beginner Ballet Zoom 11:45-12:30 KK